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Finding Australian Vintage Clothing & Accessories

If you're looking for Australian vintage clothing and accessories, you're in luck! There are plenty of great online stores

If you’re looking for Australian vintage and pinup clothing and accessories, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great online stores and marketplaces that sell vintage items from around the country. In this post, we’ll share some of our favourite sources for Aussie vintage fashion. So whether you’re looking for a retro dress or an old-school backpack, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more!

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Online Vintage Fashion Stores

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Lenny's Custom Clothing

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Vintage Seamstress

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Pin Up Girl Clothing

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Pin Up Empire Clothing

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Vintage Accessories

Looking for a unique piece of vintage accessories? While the options might not be as prevalent as they are in other parts of the world, there are still some amazing finds to be had in Australia. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Vintage Markets & Events

Are you looking for a vintage clothing market or event to attend? There are plenty of them happening all over Australia, and we’ve gathered some of the best for you here. Whether you’re looking for formal wear, everyday staples, or something special for a party, you’re sure to find what you need at one of these events.

Shopping on a budget

First, try searching online auction sites and classifieds websites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace You’ll likely find a wider range of items this way, and can often negotiate a better price. Second, don’t be afraid to explore opshops and vintage stores in small towns and rural areas – you’re more likely to find hidden gems in these places. Finally, get creative with your styling! A well-chosen accessory can make an outfit look totally unique. So go out there and start hunting for Australian vintage!

List of Op Shops

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Secondhand vintage clothing shopping

Are you looking for photoshoot props, pinup outfits, or the next car show? If you have the time, patience and an eye for a vintage bargain, you can find products at a fraction of their retail price. Secondhand shopping via op shops or vintage stores is an adventurous world. Even after hours of driving and browsing, you may come empty-handed.

9 Tips for hunting op shops

1. Set aside a day

How much time do you have? This hobby can be time-consuming. If you have a spare Saturday or Sunday, you may need to set aside a whole day to spend looking around for that perfect item. You may want time to browse through racks and racks of clothing and accessories. You can easily pick your size off the rack in a typical retail store. However, op shopping requires time not only to find the right item but also in the right size and shape. 

2. Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap

What a bargain! Don’t get caught out buying a bargain on to discover the piece has issues when you get home. You are better off saving your money to buy exactly what you want, not what is cheap. Yes, if you find both, go for it. Make sure you try it on at least!

3. Make a shopping list

Create a list of the items you really want to buy. Don’t end up with another polka-dot dress when you have 7 already. Create a list on your phone or even a Pinterest board to give you some guidance and stop you form going full-random-impulse buy. Most op shops don’t offer refunds! A list will help you to keep track of what you have purchased and what you are still to get.

3. Don’t get brand tunnel vision.

Many second-hand stores and op shops will stock a lot of brand or designer products. Just because an item has a particular brand label does guarantee the quality of the item. Many stores will add a little more to the price ticket because it is a recognisable brand. If you buy just because it is a particular brand, you’ll end up with a drawer full of clothes you’ll wear once or not at all.

5. If it is damaged, then think twice.

Check items for stains, rips, unstitched hems or discolouration. Damage can reduce the price of an item but unless you are a whiz at repair, think again. Missing buttons or stitching can be easily fixed, however, some buttons will likely be hard to match. Rips and heavy stains will be harder to deal with. You may need to invest in a dry cleaner or professional stain removal service, which will incur an expense. Even then, there is no guarantee of the results. 

6. Keep it basic 

Op shops and vintage stores can be full of basic quality items. These are usually far cheaper and sometimes better quality than new ones from Kmart or BigW. These items will usually outlast any short-term fashion trends giving you greater value for money over time. 

7. Check and check again.

You can’t check the item enough. In darker stores, you may need to walk over to a window to get a better look. Run an eye of the item for flaws such as stains, holes, small rips or even previous repairs. You can ask for another discount on any damaged items that can be easily repaired. Very important to remember most second stores do not accept returns.

8. Try the item on

Are you guilty of buying clothing in a store online only to try it on and it doesn’t fit? Most stores will provide change rooms. Take an extra few minutes to try on your newly found items. Quality-made items may be adapted to suit your body shape. Just remember that this may be an additional cost to your purchase. Trying the clothing on will also allow you to check the quality and find any more issues with the items. Remember that you won’t be able to return the item.

9. Know when to leave

Don’t get caught in one place circling the racks like a hungry predator. It doesn’t really take long to recognise the clothing style or the quality on offer. You may need more time to visit another 2-3 stores. Don’t feel bad about walking out empty-handed. You are likely to return in the future. Unless you find something you really love – leave. 

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