Rockabilly Pin-Up Style

Looking to discover your inner Pin-Up style? Some people (yes, men and women) are inspired by what they see on the street, TV, film or pinup parade. The most popular styles are influenced by rockabilly, psychobilly, preppy and geekabilly. But by far, rockabilly is the most popular style.

Rockabilly Style
This style is usually inspired by 50s fashion, music and culture. The rockabilly dress style stems from the 40s and 50s where there is a lot of inspiration pin-up girls with sexy pencil skirts and 50s swing dresses. A nice solid colour rockabilly dress in black or red is a wardrobe essential.

Some rockabilly girls prefer a punk or gothic twist to the look. Others want a classic vintage pin-up outfit that oozes sexy confidence. Both wiggle and swing styles are popular rockabilly dresses.

Getting started
Start with a simple rockabilly dress which is available from online retailers or stores. Most rockabilly events around Australia have plenty of stall holders like Lenny’s Custom Clothing and Lana Rose.

I find from a photographic point of view, a great place to start is a solid coloured dress in black or red is a good start. Dresses with cherries, red roses, polka dots, black skulls, big pattern florals and more.

What is worn under the garment is just as important. The hourglass shape with a 1950s corset and bullet bra, wide belts, coloured petticoat and high heels, flats or even good’ol converse shoes.

Fashion wasn’t limited to dresses in the 50s. Check out online styles for tops, capri pants, shorts, playsuits, and swimsuits.

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