The 1950’s was a great era for design, cars, fashion and of course PinUp Photography and models. Today Vintage fashion is as popular as ever. Today the demand for specialist fashion and accessory is inspiring designers around Australia selling online, markets and in store.

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Pin Up Style

What is PinUp photography? The style has been bought the mainstream by the likes of Dita Von Teese and many other burlesque celebrities who have developed the art through pin-up photography over the years. A favourite style of actresses and models for decades, and now women have embraced it to express their feminine self, beauty and sensuality.

Now so many women have taken to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to show off their vintage style. You may be thinking how to do a pinup shoot of your own?

Pin Up Styling

I work with some of the best vintage s and rockabilly hair and makeup in Melbourne and Ballarat. Depending on the style and the look you are after I can help match up the right stylist. I’m always happy to work with your styling or stylist. Need more inspiration? Here is a list of pin up magazines for ideas

There are a growing number of online stores, markets and retail shops that sell vintage and retro-inspired clothes. There is no beating op shops and retro collectable stores for original clothing. I’m putting a list together of some of the best known vintage clothing stores.

Pinup Inkspat Royale Lemon

Pin Up Photo Packages

  1. Pinup Photoshoot
  2. Pinup Hair & Make-Up
  3. Location home or outdoors
  4. Professional studio
  5. Hair and Makeup Artist
  6. Prints, Albums and more

Pricing starts at $120 without hair and makeup.
Packages can be tailored to your budget.

Contact me for more information

Pinup Inkspat Cherry Blaze

Pinup clothing brands

There are some fantastic pinup brands around including local customer made brands. Some of the most popular are Sherbert Birdie, Word from the Bird, Hell Bunny (fav), Lenny’s Custom Clothing, Black Cherry and more.