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Love pinup and vintage photography?

Pinup and vintage photography is a passion and my favourite genre. From classic 1950s, vintage, retro, rockabilly to geekabilly. 

Looking to add some vintage to your life? Look no further than pinup photography!

Looking for something fun and unique? Check out our pinup photography! We offer many different styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for you. Classic 1950s pinups are perfect for anyone who loves the retro style. Or if you’re looking for something a little edgier, try our rockabilly or psychobilly pinups. We even have a vintage style for those who want a more timeless look. And our geekabilly pinups are perfect for anyone who wants to show off their nerdy side! Whatever your style, we’ve got the perfect pinup photography for you.

Whether you’re looking for a classic 1950s style, rockabilly, vintage, retro, geekabilly or psychobilly, we’ve got you covered.


Studio Witch

50s pinup photography

The best and the orginal pinup style.  This ear gave birth to the genre and pinup illustration, photography, fashion, hair & makeup.

pin up floor pose

Classic pinup photography

Classic calendar style or portrait photoography. Classic and basic poses that you’ll often see at pinup events. 

Pin up classic

Classic pinup poses & styles

Classic poses are a must in capturing the  right look and feel. Floor and cheese cake poses are the most famous and well known styles.


What sub genre of pinup photography should I do?

From classic styles to modern adaptations nothing is off limits. However, make up, hair and clothing style should be style specific. Here are some ideas.

Classic Style

The easiest and the most iconic style and the most popular. Visit any car show you are likely to see classic pinup styles.


The easiest and the most iconic style and the most popular. Visit any car show you are likely to see classic pinup styles.


I love this style. Inspired by classic horror films, vampires, zombies, space and the devil herself. Blood & guts guaranteed. 


Geekabilly is a new and unique style developed in Melbourne & Ballarat. Comic and popular culture inspires colour, patterns and styles.


Why have one when you can have two. Couple-o-billys relate to pinup competitions when pinups (male & female) team up to perform together.

So why choose pinup photography?

First of all, it’s a great way to show off your personality and style. Secondly, it’s a fun and creative way to express yourself. And last but not least, it’s a great way to get some amazing photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Get Published!

With some creative photography, amazing styling and the
right attitude you could find yourself in glossy brillance.

Modern Day Magazine
Modern Pinup

Pin Up Lifestyle Magazine caters to the Modern Day Pin Up. Filled with  great photography and articles for everyone.


Bombshell Magazine
Bombshell Magazine

Bombshell features the top pin-up models from around the world and is available in print or digital formats.

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Kulture Magazine
Pinup Kulture

Modern and vintage-inspired pin-up magazine featuring pinups, classic cars and the rockabilly lifestyle we all love.


Cats Pajamas Magazine
Cats Pajamas

US based pin-up and rockabilly magazine. A magazine for lovers of pin-ups and classic cars. DIY projects and tutorials!


Chica Boom Magazine
Chica Boom

Chica Boom Pin Up is a classy young magazine dedicated to celebrating and empowering women through the art of Pin Up. 


Example Pinup Event Photograpgy

2022 Ballarat Pinup Competion

Staying classy

Pinup photography is a classy way to capture the beauty of the female form. The style is often associated with Old Hollywood glamour, and it typically features models posing in sexy, playful poses. 

While pinup photography can be sensual and alluring, it does not have to be explicit or overly sexualized. Instead, classy pinup photos focus on the model’s natural beauty, curves, and personality. 

If you are interested in capturing the essence of classy pinup photography, look for a photographer specialising in this style. They will be able to help you create stunning, timeless images that you’ll treasure for years to come.s


Pinup Modelling Tips

Today’s pinup modelling can be very different to the original style. The well-known classic poses were created to make a model seem tall, lean and not mean (in most cases). But they are also designed to accentuate feminine curves. These classics are the framework to the modern era. The pinup era was famous for its art and photography, giving rise to iconic women of the pinup era. It is important to note that every body part is “doing something” in a classic pose. 

The most important part of the pose is the posture. Even when laying down, core strength is at work. It is also the core structure of the pose to work with lighting, set, fashion, model’s body type and general theme. Sadly posing can be uncomfortable to look good due to not-so-normal ways of standing, laying, jumping – whatever it takes — great way to get a workout. The more unnatural a pose feels, the better it will look on camera.

Have you noticed most pinup images are shot low or straight on, basically from waist height? The photographer gets a workout. If anyone has heard me complain for days after a shoot will tell you. But again, it all depends on the model’s fashion, location and body shape. Curvier girls look great from a waist-high shot to show off their curves. Leaning into the camera and knee-over-knee works wonders. This pose is one of the most used techniques. Legs look nice and long, bring the bust line into the shot, and push the waistline back to create the iconic hourglass shape. With taller and leaner models, it is more about creating shape, structure and balance. Some of the more challenging poses will bring out the curves. 

“What do I do with my hands?” is the most asked question for those new to pinups. You can always tell an experienced pinup by arm lines and hand poses. Relax! Relaxing the hands is the first step, then keeping them soft and light, unless you are recreating the Rosie the Riveter famous image. It is hard to describe what to do here and is often directed on set with the photographer; practice makes perfect. There are many videos available on advice on how to pose. For some great advice and tips, watch Miss Lady Lace Pinup Posing Tutorials

Right down to the toes.

Point! By pointing the toes, you can make legs look longer, leaner and toned. They help draw the eye down the pose’s curves and finish with perfect feet placement. Again the photographer will direct but help them out by being mindful. Even get the photographer to demonstrate, even if it is just for a laugh.

The best photos come from the inside out. We all feel a bit unsure about our bodies, but here is the chance to celebrate what you love and show yourself how good you can look. The radiance of a positive mindset makes a photo relaxed and fun. Try many poses until you find the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Tell the photographer if you are feeling uneasy about anything. Unsure, ask to see the preview image on the back of the camera. 

History of Pin Up Photography

Pinup photography has been around since the late 1800s, but it didn’t become hugely popular until the 1950s. Pinup girls were typically pictured in pinup magazines or posters and dressed in revealing clothing. The most popular pinups of the 1950s were Marilyn MonroeBettie Page, and Jayne Mansfield. These pinups helped to shape the sexual culture of the time, and they continue to influence popular culture today. Pinup photography is still popular, and even entire websites are dedicated to it if you’re interested in learning more about this unique form of photography. 

In the 1950s, pinup photography enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due in part to the growing popularity of pinup girls in popular culture. Magazines like Playboy and pinup artists like pinup girls were becoming more mainstream. This newfound popularity led to a demand for pinup photography. Photographers began to specialise in pinup photography, and studios began to pop up all over the country. Pinup girls became iconic figures in American culture, and their images graced the walls of many homes. The 1950s was a golden age for pinup photography, and the pinup girl became a symbol of American sexuality.

The photography trend quickly became popular among teenagers and young adults. The photographs featured women in various stages of undress, posing in sensual or provocative positions. Many pinups were adorned with strategically placed props, such as bananas or balloons. 

The pinup style was unique in that it was both sexy and playful, and it soon became a fixture of popular culture. In addition to being published in magazines and newspapers, pinups were also used as illustrations in advertising campaigns. In some cases, the pinup girls became celebrities in their own right, and their images continue to be coveted by collectors today.