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The National Vintage Fashion Awards

25 – 27 November 2022

National Vintage Fashion Awards at the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival has become a popular event with local pinups. The annual motoring festival is held on Geelong’s waterfront. The feature of the event is of course the cars. Races include historic quarter-mile sprints with 300 classic and exotic cars. The Waterfront is always lined with a wide range of quirky, valuable and fascinating vehicles.

Geelong Revival Motoring Festival

National Vintage Fashion Awards will be held again at Royal Geelong Yacht Club at 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. Surrounded by the marina which is ideal for some post-show photos. The event for the Vintage Fashion awards celebrates the very best of vintage fashion.

Judging split into two categories; True Vintage and Reproduction, there’s something for every vintage fashion lover. Will we see another $10 Channel handbag op-shop find. I have seen everything from 70s disco glam, 20s flapper and my favorite classic 50s pinup and perfect cheesecake poses. 

2022 Sunday Entrants.

Past National Vintage Fashion Awards.

True Vintage

The judges of the National Vintage Fashion Show will be looking for originality, period accuracy, and unique fabrics. Clothing and accessories don’t need to be an original piece (ie, 60years old), however, you will need to showcase authenticity in style & material. Consider authentic vintage clothing or created from vintage fabrics or patterns. 

Retro Reproduction: 

Have a wardrobe of modern

vintage-inspired clothing? These may use modern fabric designs & colours by mimicking a vintage style. Fashions include a copy of a vintage item or pieces that show elements of vintage style. This is a broad category to feature style over many decades.

See entry form for more details.

My tip

Pack for seasons. Every year I have attended it has been showers broken by nice warm sunlight. So keep wet weather gear on hand. There is some free parking locations, especially near Deakin Uni. 

Other things to see:

1. Quarter Mile Sprints

The key feature of the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival is the National Sprint Title. The historic Quarter Mile Sprints have run on the same course and location since 1956! The event and the sound is a highlight of the entire weekend. There should be over 300 cars and motorbikes competing for the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival trophy.

2. The Pits

I have only ever been in once. You can get right into the center of the real action in the pits area. Get up close with the competing bikes and cars being prepared for action on our Sprint track each day. You may have the chance to run into past racing legends and their cars. You will be able to meet and talk to the drivers their crew and importantly see the cars up close.

3. Shannons Classic Motorshow

This year the revival will have classic, modern, performance, European and domestic vehicles on show. The event invites a very wide range of vehicles to the Classic Motorshow. Entrants come from all over Australia to have their vehicles on display.

4. Hot Wheels Stunt Team

No, it isn’t a bunch of kids on the sand with their Hotwheels diecast cars. The Hot Wheels Stunt Team (in real cars) will be putting on a performance at this year’s event along the sprint track. The team will put on a display up and down Ritchie Boulevard on Saturday & Sunday of the event. Come see the Hot Wheels Truck, with video games, great for the kids.

5. Airforce in-flight – hot air balloon

I was hoping for the roulettes or F-22 flyover. But the airforce will be full of hot air in their latest high-tech (kidding) balloon/ Up in the sky, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will be wowing spectators with its hot air balloon on Eastern Beach.

6. National Vintage Fashion Awards

As mentioned above the National Vintage Fashion Awards will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to seeing some of my favourite pinups and fashion.